Pooh’s Playground at Walt Disney World

I think this is my favorite pic of my kids ever. (And I’ve got one just like it from last year too!)

The charming Pooh’s playground is probably my kids favorite attraction in all of Walt Disney World. Zero lines and plenty of room for the kids to expend energy running around. It’s located just across from Pooh’s Ride in the ever convenient Fantasy Land – not far from the carousel and Dumbo.
Lots of places for super photo opps too and it is ultra easy to watch your kids in this enclosed and very safe playground as all of the honey pot tunnels, slides, and tree house are easily visible unlike some larger playgrounds. Pooh’s Playground mimics the 100 acre wood and is really all my kids need to have a marvelous time – both on our visit last year in 2009 and this year in 2010.

P.S. My husband loved the irony of having a magical media pass (which provides instant fast passes galore) and all our cuties wanted to do was go wild at Pooh’s playground. So it goes. When you have preschoolers and toddlers, you’ve got to go with the flow.

Disclosure: As a member of Hanes Comfort Crew, my travel & expenses at Disney were paid by Hanes.

Disney Takes its Toll

Day 4. Multiple days of very late bed times for kids who just don’t know how to sleep in equals total exhaustion and a recipe for some cranky kids. Even Kenzie was begging for her PJ’s at 6 PM! Not to mention, the kids were totally exhausted after so much stimulation. I think there is such a thing as too much fun :)

They even look beat sleeping in these pics.

Luckily they bounced back great today after their reset with the very early bedtime last night!)

Day 2 at the Magic Kingdom with Hanes

Day 2 with Hanes was another action packed day of fun and Disney magic for the kiddos. As you can tell from the photo the kids are all becoming fast friends. Kenzie and her new pal Natalie from I’m Not Obsessed dashed out the secret doors our guides dropped us off at behind Main Street to catch the morning’s opening street parade. Gotta love that giant Disney Double stroller….. it works and is far better than lugging a double stroller on the airplane or in and out of monorail or bus lines since you get to leave it at the park when you exit (and just get a new one the next day or visit that evening)
We tackled a bunch of new rides for us with our Disney guide and a few old favorites when we hit Adventureland……. Mom loved Thunder Mountain, but Kenzie ended up being terrified in Pirates of the Caribbean which she loved last year – what a difference a year makes! Her crying terrified Kyle creating quite a chain reaction which made for an interesting ride to say the least.
Loving Jessie and Woody.

Hanging out with Lilo and Stitch along with Vera’s kids from I’m Not Obsessed.
Lunch was full of yummy food and the most incredible Disney Character expert Balloon Artist who wowed all the kiddies and kept them entertained. Check out these balloons. This entertainer has been working for Disney for 10 years now after he pitched himself for the job when he wowed Disney with all the characters he could whip up in minutes for event entertaining.

A visit from Goofy was a real surprise too.
It rained in the afternoon but these kids are so wiped out from all the fun we’ve been having it didn’t matter as we escaped back to the Polynesian for a 3 hour nap!

Disclosure: As I’m now a member of Hanes Comfort Crew, they sponsored most of the vacation expenses for our family.

An Evening at Disney with Hanes Day 2

After a busy day at the Magic Kingdom yesterday and a 3 hour serious nap for the tired kids, we finished the night off with fireworks and dinner at the Contemporary Resort with the Hanes Comfort Crew.
I’ll keep on posting when we can fit it in between the biz meetings, the fun, and managing the wild kiddies. When I come home, I’ll be posting Hanes giveaways too! (For the really awesome giveaway – you’ll need to enter at Hanes here – as Hanes is giving away a Disney Cruise!) And if you don’t win the grand prize, each week the 1st 100 entrants will get free socks.
Check out this flower bouquet all made from Hanes socks!

The kids were impressed with the Face Painting and Rice Krispie treats shaped like Sushi. Mom & Dad loved the unbelievable food at the California Grill (we will return!!!) and the view from the rooftop was incredible.
Natalie (Vera’s little girl from I‘m Not Obsessed) and Kenzie showing off their “tattoos”. Both girls are most infatuated with the ocean theme after seeing The Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studio on Monday.

Kyle loved dipping his rice krispie treats into chocolate. And I was thrilled he could eat something that he was not allergic too. His desperation for a Mickey waffle is painful for Mommy but it is a total no go given his egg allergy.
After dinner we decided we’d forget about the drizzle and rushed on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom for a spectacular viewing of the Wishes fireworks show. We just made it up Main Street in time with minutes to spare before the show began. We were able to get up close to the castle to view from the Rose Garden area which is located to the right hand side of the castle as you come up Main Street and begin to turn off towards Tomorrow Land. I highly recommend this area for viewing if you are able to do so. (My media pass let us access this area during the show- I’m not sure if it is usually closed or saved for private parties – although last year we hung out there on our personal family vacation with a hot dog lunch on our own!)

Ending the evening with Disney fireworks — that Kenzie thought were officially real shooting stars — and topping it all off with an Ice Cream Social is definitely her kind of fun!

Thanks to Hanes and Mickey & Minnie for another fantastic day and all the memories we’ll have forever.

Disclosure: As I’m now a member of Hanes Comfort Crew, they sponsored most of the vacation expenses for our family.

Disney Vacation with Hanes Day 1

What a day! Hanes invited us on a VIP tour of Hollywood Studios since they are the official apparel partner with Disney. We can’t thank Hanes enough for including my entire family in on this business trip for Mom so they can enjoy the Disney magic too. (Right now the kids are sound asleep recovering from yesterday and this morning so Mom has a chance to share some photos!)

Our 1st stop was a visit to the Rock n Roller Coaster attraction which is sponsored by Hanes. I let Mike ride that one with the other bloggers and guides as I’ve been on it before and found it to be a terrifying experience – I just can’t handle the speed! The kids and I stayed entertained at the Hanes recording studio where the kids had a blast decorating awesome little record albums with stickers and pretending to set up a concert for Hannah Montana.

Here we are arriving at the Polynesian. The kids are pumped!

My kids love searching for Hidden Mickey’s. Even Kyle points and says “Hidden Mickey” anytime he spots one. Did you know the rooms in the Polynesian supposedly have 7 Hidden Mickey’s?? Hint: 3 of them are in the painting on the wall and we’re still looking for all 7!

Toy Story Mania was a favorite attraction. We rode it 2x in a row everyone loved it so much. Kenzie and Kyle were both impressed with the 3 D effects and glasses.

We burned off energy at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Impressive park for the kiddos, although you seriously need to keep your eyes on them at all times as it is very easy to lose someone amidst all gigantic cornstalks, tunnels, slides, giant jars of PlayDoh and big blades of grass.
The American Idol experience was phenomenal. If there was an award for most enthusiastic audience performer, Mackenzie at age 4 would have won. She was crazy excited and full of applause, elation, and screams for every performer. Too cute.
I’m always impressed with Disney’s abilities to create experiences and all their mini musical attractions (like The Little Mermaid, Nemo at Animal Kingdom, Beauty and the Beast, etc.)

Our last stop was a private dinner at Disney’s Animation Studios. Very cool. The kids could pretend paint away on all the devices during our dinner. We also had some guest visits with some very exciting characters. If you are wondering why there are not too many pictures with Kyle and characters it is because he generally runs the other way when they come around – although he is getting braver and even touched Mickey last night :)
Kenzie taking an art lesson on how to draw Mickey Mouse. Hanes must have her number as we all know this kid is one aspiring artist and probably spends 2 hrs per day practicing her drawing skills. She loved it!

Both kids ended their magical day totally exhausted. They were troopers and stayed awake and very happy until the bus ride home a little before 10 PM. Quite a day for kids who wake up at 5:30 daily! Kyle never woke up even as we transferred him into PJ’s.

Disclosure: As I’m now a member of Hanes Comfort Crew, they sponsored this vacation for our family.

Polynesian Hotel Video Tour

We’ve arrived! The kids are pumped to be at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. From the moment we pulled up curbside (greeted with leis) to the entrance of our room, the kids have been bouncing off the walls – in a good way. We can see the Seven Seas Lagoon from our room sliding doors and the Disney Castle is even viewable in the distance.
The room is really fun – I’d describe it as all “tiki-ed out”. We found 3 of the 7 hidden Mickeys in the room. Here’s a quick room tour:

Now we’re off to Hollywood Studios for a VIP Tour. The kids have never been to Hollywood Studios before either as we never made it there last year during our family vacation so it should be very exciting!
We’ll also be posting lots of videos on our new Disney page on Classy Mommy.
Disclosure: This trip is sponsored by Hanes.

My Superhero Princess

Last week Kenzie and I had a “Mommy and Daughter” day with Allison, Kelli and all the little girls. We hit the King of Prussia Mall for the Disney Store’s free “Princess Training” class. What a fun day. The kids learned the princess wave, curtsy, princess posture, and more. Everyone got a free snack and 20% off any Disney Princess item in the store. We scored a Tiana nightgown for K that she can’t wait to wear in Florida.

All the girls dressed up in Princess costume with the exception of Kenzie. Her new thing is the Superhero Princess. She wonders if we’ll see one next week at Disney. I suspect not.
But Mom and Dad are thrilled with how confident she was in herself wearing her choice cape while everyone else was in Princess garb. That girl of mine is one cool cat.

Off to Disney World!

We’re heading to Florida today to visit family and take trip to Disney World as part of Hanes Comfort Crew. The kids are beyond excited to return to Disney again and Kenzie can’t wait to see what living at “The Polynesian” will be like as her new home. We’ve got dollar store themed Disney goodies to surprise the kids with once we land – the infamous Water Worms they are obsessed with Mickey style.

This pic is from March 2009 and is too sweet. Every evening the kids would dance in the lobby of the Grand Floridian. I doubt Kenzie will don a princess dress this year…. as she chose to pack her super hero cape instead. What a difference a year makes!

Disney Wonder Cruise Cabin Tour

Wonder about the size of a stateroom on a Disney Wonder Cruise? Here’s a quick tour of my stateroom cabin & how a ship economizes space. My room had a veranda which was gorgeous!

My room on the Disney Wonder was on the 7th floor and was in the “midship” region of the boat. My actual room number was 7044 and did include a veranda. I became very attached to the cabin and loved it during my wonderful vacation escape.

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay Stingray Adventure

Swimming with the stingrays was a highlight of my Disney Wonder Cruise. Here’s a video of me getting up close and personal with the Stingrays on Disney’s Castaway Cay.

This excursion on Disney’s Castaway Cay island is easy to coordinate as it’s right on the beach for 1 hour. Plus, you’ll get to go snorkeling in the cove with the Stingrays and beautiful fish after the stingray feeding.
You’ll notice in my video clip that the Stingrays are fed in very shallow water making this a great experience for the kiddies even if they are not able to do a full deep water “snorkeling” session.
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