Full Video Coverage of the Disney Fantasy Christening Celebration

Experience it all! Watch the entertainment during the Disney Fantasy Christening Celebration – including Neil Patrick Harris’s dance routine, Jerry Seinfeld’s jokes, and a toast from the new Fantasy Godmother Mariah Carey to feel the vibe of this glitzy spectacular event.

Enjoy our tour of the ship and the Disney Fantasy Christening Celebration below:

Neil Patrick Harris was the emcee for this event and I simply adore him and the parody song & dance routine he led tonight to the tune of Supercalifragilistic. Purely fabulous! His act and the evening’s official entertainment start 3:00 minutes into the above footage.

Other highlights from the entertainment included dance & song numbers from 3 of the Disney Fantasy’s shows – Aladdin, Believe, and Wishes.

Simply spectacular and a glitzy evening!

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