Animation Magic at Animator’s Palate

We toured the new Disney Fantasy last week before the Christening event with Disney Imagineers and got the inside scoop on the new show – Animation Magic that will be offered at the Animator’s Palate on board the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship. Guests will eat at Animator’s Palate 2 times during their 7 night cruise thanks to rotational dining and this show will be in addition to the Dinner with Crush which is already offered on the Disney Dream.

It all starts with this special placemat where guests draw a little person when they arrive.

It’s a fabulous show ripe with Disney magic as guests cartoon sketches made during the Appetizer hour are ultimately brought to life before Dessert.

Take a peek at Animation Magic here from our tour inside the Animator’s Palate restaurant:

Simply incredible. The adults at my table during our dinner during the Fantasy Christening loved the experience and I’m sure kids will be beyond enchanted and thrilled by it all.

The decor is all about the animation too and the movie clips you see during the dinner hour all are taken from the Disney movie archives and include just about every reference to eating, feasting or harvesting since the beginning of Walt Disney animation. Fabulous!

I love the Mickey style chairs too!

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