Full Video Coverage of the Disney Fantasy Christening Celebration

Experience it all! Watch the entertainment during the Disney Fantasy Christening Celebration – including Neil Patrick Harris’s dance routine, Jerry Seinfeld’s jokes, and a toast from the new Fantasy Godmother Mariah Carey to feel the vibe of this glitzy spectacular event.

Enjoy our tour of the ship and the Disney Fantasy Christening Celebration below:

Neil Patrick Harris was the emcee for this event and I simply adore him and the parody song & dance routine he led tonight to the tune of Supercalifragilistic. Purely fabulous! His act and the evening’s official entertainment start 3:00 minutes into the above footage.

Other highlights from the entertainment included dance & song numbers from 3 of the Disney Fantasy’s shows – Aladdin, Believe, and Wishes.

Simply spectacular and a glitzy evening!

Celebrities Shine at the Disney Fantasy Christening Ceremony

This was one star studded spectacular. No one does entertainment like Disney and this was a night to remember forever.

Mariah Carey was named the Godmother of the Disney Fantasy and blessed the ship and opened that giant bottle of champagne.

My husband attended with my as my guest and we had a blast – the best date night ever. This was babysitting money well worth every penny! Neil Patrick Harris was the emcee of the event – incredibly funny and man can that guy sing & dance. I loved it! And Jerry Seinfeld is beyond hilarious – the best comedy act I’ve ever listened to in my life.

The Disney fanfare was fabulous too and non stop all night long. Champagne was flowing and confetti was falling from the ceiling.

Here’s Mike and I before the event at check in as we were preparing to board the ship. Just the banners are glamorous!

This ship is out of this world fabulous. It has the same footprint as the Disney Dream however it is enhanced in many ways with new technology and features to benefit guests sailing for 7 days vs. the shorter 3-4 day itineraries that sail on the Disney Dream.

You can take a quick photo tour of the Disney Fantasy from my “iphone” pics  on ClassyMommy. I snapped these on my media tour. Lots more detailed posts, photos, and videos are forthcoming on specific restaurants, activities, and decor on the Disney Fantasy.

Amazing! Other stars in attendance included Mayor Bloomberg, Ty Pennington, Alan Cumming, Nancy Grace, Erin Andrews, Tim Gunn and more. 

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