Scoop: Rapunzel’s New Tower at Magic Kingdom!!!

I spy Rapunzel’s tower at Magic Kingdom. We spotted this new mysterious project sprouting up behind imagineer walls at Disney’s Magic Kingdom during our visit to New Fantasyland.


Rapunzel’s new tower is located behind It’s a Small World and up the hill from the Haunted Mansion attraction. While heading into the queue for the Haunted Mansion you’ll have a stellar view of the tower. 

Disney has not released any official statements about if this will be a meet and greet attraction for Rapunzel or exactly what will happen at this location. However, rumors online say they have verified Disney say there will be new bathrooms located here, but there has not been a press release about the project to date.

I thought perhaps this might be a new area for a special character interaction with Rapunzel, however with the installation of the brand new soon to be AMAZING Princess Fairytale Hall set to open in 2013 in the center of Fantasyland, this seems unlikely.

Stay tuned for more news on Rapunzel’s tower. I promise the tower looks spectacular and it will be a beacon to easily spot if indeed it ends up being a major bathroom zone for kids and families. Regardless, it looks beautiful and magical. I love it!

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