8 Tips for Family Traveling to Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa

Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa opened in August of 2011. When we learned that Aulani was on the same lagoon that we honeymooned on twelve years ago, it simply was meant to be.

We became Disney Vacation Club members in December of 2011 and were thrilled to take our first trip to our home resort, Aulani, in March!

The entire trip to Aulani was amazing and we cherish that we were able to share a location with such special meaning to us as a couple with our children.

To enter and be greeted with “Welcome home, Barseghian family” brought tears to my eyes.

I wanted to share some of the “take aways” from our trip that can help families enjoy their trip to Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa to their fullest.

1. Before your trip, order SPF swimsuits, hats, and cover ups for your children (and yourselves :) ) from Coolibar.  We have used Coolibar since our children were born and have never had either of them get sunburned. Even when the swimsuits are years old, they stay true to their protection.  We splurged and ordered the ZnO Hoodies for each of the kids and they wore them every day at Aulani.

2.  After you get settled at the resort, head to Target and get some sand toys for the kids. $20 will get you endless entertainment on the beach!  We had our children gift their toys to an incoming family when we departed, which felt so good.

 3.  Take advantage of the beach activities through Hawaii Ocean Adventures.  They have a stand right by the beach with tons of activities for the entire family.  We rented a paddle board and each of us took the children out on it. They felt safe in the calmer waters of the lagoon.  We also did a catamaran outing as a family, which was a total highlight of our trip.


 4.  Schedule a character breakfast at Makahiki.  The food is incredible and your children will get special time and photos with the characters.  Plus, Aunty will immerse them in the Hawaiian culture through song and activities.

5. Speaking of Aunty, be sure to visit Aunty’s Beach House early in your stay.  Your children can go here…alone…while you enjoy a nice dinner.  There are so many fun activities at Aunty’s each day for children of all ages.

6.  Talk with cast members at Aulani and learn about everything they did to honor the Hawaiian culture in the design of Aulani.  For example, all of the photos behind the check in desk were taken by children in Hawaii…love!

7.  Enjoy a meal at Ama Ama.  Aside from the fact that the food is amazing, you can customize dishes and the view is incredible.  We ate here most mornings and filled up so we could enjoy hours of uninterrupted bliss on the beach and by the pool.  The photo here shows the view from our table…

8.  Most importantly, spend time at the beach in the evening and watch the sun set with your little ones.  The beauty is breathtaking…and quiet. :)

Amy Barseghian, aka MommyMentor, is the owner of From One Mommy to Another.  She grew up going to Disney World during family trips to Daytona Beach.  Now, she enjoys trips to Disney World and Disneyland with her husband and two children.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Love the pictures and the tips! Favorite one is the second one of gifting the toys to another family coming in. Definitely a great idea!

  2. amybarseghian says:

    Thank you for stopping in Wendy! It was so great to see our children watch and wait til they “found” the children they wanted to gift them to. It was extra special because the incoming family did not speak fluent English so the cast member helped us all along and the other parents bowed to our children.

  3. Becca says:

    I love your photos! And thank you for the valuable tips – I think we need to look into some SPF shirts for the boys!

    • amybarseghian says:

      Becca – we have literally only used Coolibar for years. I have washed their suits 100 times and they still never get burned. The hats are packed and ready for #DisneySMMoms! You would get a lot of use here in AZ.

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