A Disney Dream Came True for this Virginia Family

These little girls and their Mom were literally whisked away to London by Disney asthe grand prize winners in the “Your Princess Moment: The Story Begins with You” Video contest hosted by Disney. What magic!

Their winning video was selected from several hundred entries – watch these videos as they are too cute! My own 5 year old Kenzie even entered a cute clip of her own where she talks all about her own princess thoughts here: http://princessmoment.disney.go.com/s/7g27em (Winners for all the other prizes will be announced on October 20th)

I was lucky enough to attend to cover the event, and it was a fairy tale for me but I can only imagine the wonder of visiting a foreign country and experiencing the Disney magic abroad must have been like for these little girls. A total wow and once in a lifetime experience.

Aren’t they cute?

‘Your Princess Moment’ contest winners Alli (8 – left), Sammi (7 – right) and Katie(3 – center) Senio from Centreville, Va. joined the celebration as Rapunzel was officially welcomed as the 10th Disney Princess character in front of a global audience on October 2 at Kensington Palace in London.

Disclosure: Disney paid my travel expenses so I could cover the live Rapunzel celebration in London, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rapunzel hangs out at Trafalgar Square

SEPTEMBER 29: Rapunzel enjoys the view of Trafalgar Square and poses for a photo in front of Nelson’s Column. Disney will officially welcome Rapunzel as the 10th Disney Princess character at a celebration at Kensington Palace, to take place in front of a global audience on October 2, 2011.To tweet this photo include #RapunzelCelebration in your message to be part of the online conversation. For more information visit http://www.disney.co.uk/rapunzel


Rapunzel is sightseeing by the Thames in London

Looks like Rapunzel is hitting all the gorgeous spots in London – here she is taking a break to admire the Tower Bridge. Isn’t this shot beautiful? I love seeing her out and about in London. Wonder where she’ll show up tomorrow?

Follow the hashtag #RapunzelCelebration to keep up with her & hear all about Sunday’s big party. And join me virtually at 11 AM EST on Saturday October 1st for a Twitter party – with lots of Disney princess prizes and conversation.

I’ll be catching up with her very soon as I land in London in about 36 hours – I’m so excited for her big party at the palace I can hardly stand the anticipation.


Rapunzel Hits Covent Garden Today

Looks like Rapunzel is keeping busy while in London. Today she hit the market – with her hair in tow.  Glad she could fit in a special stop at Covent Garden to see the rich cultural offerings of London’s popular marketplace.  Hope I have time to visit there too!

Wonder where she’ll visit tomorrow? Hmmmm. Any guesses?

Disney will officially welcome Rapunzel as the 10th Disney Princess character at a celebration at Kensington Palace, to take place in front of a global audience on October 2, 2011.

Rapunzel’s Hair Spotted in London!

Looks like the dazzling Disney Princess beat me to London!

Her hair has been spotted – what looks like about 70 feet of it – coming out of a window at the Tower of London. Love it!

Rapunzel will be visiting landmarks in London starting today at the Tower of London and ending on Friday as she prepares for her official welcome to the Disney Princess Royal Court as the 10th Disney Princess character on Sunday October 2nd at Kensington Palace.

Locations for her appearances are still top secret – but if you are in London keep an eye out for Rapunzel and her gorgeous locks!


Disney Princess & Rapunzel Celebration Twitter Party #TangledTweets

Live from London, I’ll be hosting a Twitter Party this Saturday as Disney gears up to officially welcome Rapunzel to the Royal Disney Princess court as the 10th Disney Princess at a star studded spectacular worldwide celebration at Kensington Palace.

Please join us for to talk everything Disney Princess and celebrate Rapunzel’s big day – and win some Disney Princess giveaway prizes.

I’m so excited to cover this event for my readers and Disney. I’ll be sharing all the sneak peeks, photos, and behind the scenes info with everyone – I’m so excited I can seriously barely sleep thinking about going to London!

When: Saturday October 1st, 11 AM EST/8AM PST

Hosts:  @ClassyMommy @MyGoMom @GirlyMamaMel

What: Disney Princess & Tangled Twitter party

Hashtag: #TangledTweets

Prizing: Everything Disney Princess of course!

We’ll be using the hashtag #TangledTweets for the party, but for the celebration and to follow and chat about the huge party and Disney Princess procession in London, please follow and use the hashtag #RapunzelCelebration.

We heart Rapunzel in our household. My kids still love to watch the YouTube trailer of Tangled – truly one of the best Disney movies of all time. It certainly is an instant classic in our home!

Disney will Honor Rapunzel to Disney Princess Royal Court

Big Disney Princess news!

Disney will officially welcome Rapunzel as the 10th Disney Princess character at a high profile, star-studded celebration, to take place in front of a global audience on October 2, 2011.

Mandy Moore, the voice of Rapunzel

Even cooler?

This special coronation and celebration of Miss Rapunzel will take place at  Kensington Palace in London.  I find this even more exciting &  fascinating given the recent Royal Wedding that has captured the attention of the world – and myself!

Disney chose Kensington Palace as the perfect location for this magical welcoming ceremony of a Disney Princess, as it has been the home of many real life princesses over the centuries. All ten Disney Princess characters will take part in the royal celebration and will be joined by VIPs, celebrities and little princesses from across the globe in festivities including a procession through Hyde Park, party activities and a welcoming ceremony.

This whole event sounds so magical! And guess what?

One lucky family has a chance to win a trip to attend this celebration.

For a chance to win a trip to London to attend Rapunzel’s coronation and celebration at Kensington Palace, take a peek at entry details for Disney’s My Princess Moment Online Video Contest here. 

Did you know that Tangled is one of the top ten grossing Disney movies of all time ahead of Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Cars and Toy Story 2???

This movie has universal appeal for the entire family. My husband loved it when we saw it in the theater.  My 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter went crazy for the preview trailers for months – then were captivated by the movie in theaters and again on DVD. And of course  Moms everywhere I know loved it too!

Here’s my Kenzie dressing up as Rapunzel when we went to see it in the theater last year.

Here’s some more details about the Rapunzel celebration from Disney’s official press release: 

“Once Rapunzel becomes an official member of the Disney Princess court, she will be celebrated and recognized as such across Disney, and will be included in all Disney Princess products featuring multiple characters, in addition to her own merchandise line. Plus, across all Disney Parks, Rapunzel will for the first time wear her royal tiara, stolen from the kingdom by Flynn Rider in the Tangled.” said Mary Beech, vice president of girls franchise development and marketing at Disney Consumer Products. “With London knowing a thing or two about bringing royal celebrations to a worldwide audience, it seemed only fitting for the city to become the stage for the celebration to welcome Rapunzel into our own Disney Princess royal court. We are inviting girls from across the globe to welcome each Disney Princess character to the Palace and celebrate with Rapunzel on her special day.”

Independent charity Historic Royal Palaces has joined with Disney to help stage the event, in a collaboration that aims to encourage children all over the world to explore the stories behind the real kings, queens, princes and princesses alongside Disney’s. “Our aim is to help everyone explore the stories of how monarchs and other royals have shaped society, in some of the greatest palaces ever built,” said Ruth Gill, Head of Interpretation at Historic Royal Palaces. “Kensington Palace has always been a place of spectacle, beauty and majesty, and home to many inspirational real-life Princesses. We are therefore delighted to celebrate our relationship with Disney by hosting this magical event that will welcome Rapunzel as the 10th member of the Disney Princess royal court.”

Video Recap: Disney Junior Pirate Party with Sharkey & Bones

Party like a Rock Star. The kids went WILD at this special event Disney Junior put on for the kids and families at the Disney Social Media Moms conference. The theme was basically a Jake & The Neverland Dance Party. With special hosts…. Sharkey & Bones! Yes, THE Sharkey and Bones. Kids were screaming YoHoHo. Dancing was intense and Jake was mobbed by about 50 kids as he tried to make is way onto the dance floor. My kids were already obsessed with this new show, but after this dance party they are BEYOND obsessed.

What a night!  Enjoy our clip of the festivities.

Disclosure: We were invited to this special event as part of our recent trip to the Disney Social Media Moms conference. My modest conference fee included meals, events, our hotel stay and park tickets. As always all thoughts and opinions on the Mouse are my own. And I’ve been loving him since I was about 3 years old too :)

Disney Pirate Party

Who do you think is the favorite character from Disney Junior??? Handy Manny? Special Agent Oso? Nope not even close! It’s the new guy on the block or should I say plank???

Kids went absolutely wild for Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I couldn’t even snap a photo of him as he was mobbed by 50 kids as he tried to make his way to the dance floor.

What a night! Tons of dancing from my kids and the event was fabulous as it was we sat basically on stage on the set of Lights Camera Action at Hollywood studios.









Day 2 at Disney Social Media Moms conference

Learning lots today at the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I’m live blogging over at the Digital Handbook blog – amazing tips from Chris Brogan in this segment here. Later today I’ll post the tips from Facebook’s Head of Market Development, Matt Jacobson, who was also incredibly insightful.




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