Day 2 at the Magic Kingdom with Hanes

Day 2 with Hanes was another action packed day of fun and Disney magic for the kiddos. As you can tell from the photo the kids are all becoming fast friends. Kenzie and her new pal Natalie from I’m Not Obsessed dashed out the secret doors our guides dropped us off at behind Main Street to catch the morning’s opening street parade. Gotta love that giant Disney Double stroller….. it works and is far better than lugging a double stroller on the airplane or in and out of monorail or bus lines since you get to leave it at the park when you exit (and just get a new one the next day or visit that evening)
We tackled a bunch of new rides for us with our Disney guide and a few old favorites when we hit Adventureland……. Mom loved Thunder Mountain, but Kenzie ended up being terrified in Pirates of the Caribbean which she loved last year – what a difference a year makes! Her crying terrified Kyle creating quite a chain reaction which made for an interesting ride to say the least.
Loving Jessie and Woody.

Hanging out with Lilo and Stitch along with Vera’s kids from I’m Not Obsessed.
Lunch was full of yummy food and the most incredible Disney Character expert Balloon Artist who wowed all the kiddies and kept them entertained. Check out these balloons. This entertainer has been working for Disney for 10 years now after he pitched himself for the job when he wowed Disney with all the characters he could whip up in minutes for event entertaining.

A visit from Goofy was a real surprise too.
It rained in the afternoon but these kids are so wiped out from all the fun we’ve been having it didn’t matter as we escaped back to the Polynesian for a 3 hour nap!

Disclosure: As I’m now a member of Hanes Comfort Crew, they sponsored most of the vacation expenses for our family.
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  1. rose says:

    Those are great photograph.I have just enjoyed this post.After reading all these posts now I also want to experience all that fun at Disney land.Thank you for sharing all these with us.


  2. Kim says:

    Looks like you all had a great time. For me the 3 hour nap would have been the highlight!

  3. what a great time you have passed! i have visited there last year, but can’t remember many of these things. may be they are new this year. surely going to have a visit very soon.

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